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Тема: Маска Бэтмена и стеклопластиковая форма

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    Хорошо Маска Бэтмена и стеклопластиковая форма

    Final fiberglass master sprayed with gray primer.

    First layer of silicone brushed on, the clay around the base will become clear later.

    Second layer colored differently for better coverage

    Nnice chunky keys were added to make sure theres no sagging in the jacket.

    3 piece fiberglass mold jacket. 3 pieces made removing it easier when demolding the hard master, if I remove the jacket now, I keep it in 2 pieces. Front flange needs more trimming though, first time using glass matt to make a jacket.

    View of the mold showing the dovetail keys built in so it would sit in the jacket correctly:

    And here is the first pull from the mold!

    Texture close up:

    Yes I look like I just got up in this pic, I had :doh

    So the journey ends, I hope those of you you enjoyed the pics. Hopefully I'll have a few smaller projects to show you guys and gals soon!


    PS, heres a Arkham cowl I made last year. Peace!
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