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Тема: Потрясающий силиконовый грим корейца

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    Хорошо Потрясающий силиконовый грим корейца

    So I had the great privilege of being brought onto the film Eungyo (A Muse) this past summer in Korea by a friend and student of mine from VFS Jonghee Song.

    She is and was a well established makeup artist from the Korean, how ever she didn't have much fx experience thus her VFS education to update her knowledge. Soon after she returned to Korea from Vancouver she was asked by her good friend and director to head the makeup for his new film. In it she would need to age the main actor 35-70ish. Though she had a lot of new knowledge she still felt she needed an experienced hand to lead her into hell...I was that hand.

    I was hired to do all the sculpting, mold making, and prosthetic running. I was there to also show and give advice regarding the silicone prosthetic application as well as making sure then had a solid understanding of how to run the pieces themselves as they would continue to do this after I left. They needed 60 days of worth of makeups... I'm not sure if they actually shot this many but it was close I'm sure.

    I sculpted the main age transformation, which I then had to re sculpt the neck and cheeks after the first test makeup, and later on re sculpt the chin and forehead (eyelid area only) after the second. Only after the third test the director was finally happy. In the end sadly the only used the cheek and forehead appliances on the face due to time constraints. This means ears, neck, chin, nose/upper lip were all left out. I feel in the end the makeup still worked out very well!

    I also sculpted different cheeks and a silicone bald cap for a sick stage as well as subtle bondo transfers for the cheeks and forehead for the 50's stage.

    Below is the original sculpt, which was broken into 8 pieces. I also sculpt full arm appliances. I have mold pics as well as application. Please enjoy and critique. It was a hard 2 months, but I know I'll never forget it!!

    Silicone bald cap mold

    Test one applied by me, assisted by Jonghee.

    Test 2 applied by Jonghee assisted by Mikyong (first time silicone application for both of them!!) This makeup has the new neck and cheek appliances.

    Test 3 applied by Jonghee assisted by Mikyong. This makeup has the new neck and cheek appliances, as well as new chin and forehead.

    This was the sick stage, this has different cheeks again, though hardly noticeable, as well as a full silicone bald cap with had punched hair. More hair would be hand laid to blend the forehead into the pre punched hair line. This was again applied by Jonghee and Mikyong

    In the separated sculpt pics the first neck sculpt was a collapsible core, that would give you a full neck appliance, then was changed to a wrap prosthetic, which you can see in the mold pics. This had a back of the neck piece to go with is also seen in the molds as well.

    There's so much to say about this project I can hardly begin to write, please feel free to ask any questions!!
    Michael Nickiforek
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    Here's a couple shots I found of Bora, Jonghee and Mikyong sitting with a fraction of the pieces they ran, and a shot of the pieces alone.

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    [6]эксперт Аватар для kryo
    Saint Petersburg
    не понял, а где же он без грима?

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    Ого как здорово !

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    [1]новенький Аватар для Lindosina
    Я тоже не нашла вариант без грима

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    Не подскажете, чтоза материалы могли использоваться? Силикон? Из чего можно выполнить настолько детальную работу?

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    Силикон . Пластилин для лепки(безсульфидный) . Качественный гипс ,краски. все это приправлено большим количеством опыта в этом нехитром деле .

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