• Урок: кошмарные зубные протезы

    We start off with a good set of upper and lower casts and vacuform them with a special thermoformable plastic that will adhere to dental acrylic.

    Next make a solid upper and lower plate that covers ALL the teeth down to the gums. You can stop 1/3-1/2 way down on the front teeth since any acrylic below this are may cause an appliance that is uncomfortable to wear. You want to achor an out of the mouth set like this to as many teeth as possible so that any cantilever forces will not damage the teeth (that would be bad)

    I use denture duplicating flasks from Pearson to mold the upper and lower plates.

    Don't forget to cast onto your vacuform material. This eliminates any positive or negative areas inside the denture that then have to be fixed.

    The finished upper and lower plates are ready for the next step. Black acrylic will block out the actors teeth for added realism.

    Here's where the fun begins. We are going to clay up an upper and lower lip line over the casts. For appliances that are going to go way back up into the cheek area, this all needs to be built up in clay. It's helpful to take measuremeants of your actor and use photos or a life cast if available for accuracy.

    Roll the lip up and 1/2 way to expose the dentures. This is where the finished denture will make its transition from inside to outside.

    Make a mold of both uppers and lowers and duplicate in stone.

    This is what your casts should look like after they have been poured up and placed onto an articulator.

    Here we go about creating the outer gum area. This particular design is not that extreme. I think with this technique the limits could really be pushed.

    Here is the finished outer gumline with teeth.

    Block out the undercuts on your cast and give yourself a nice cutting edge.

    Make your molds.

    After demolding.

    Pour up some denture acrylic and fill your molds. We are going with a deep sea creature design and the darker acrylic will look nice I think.

    Here are the cast pieces. I had trouble with my mix for some reason- I suspect I used too much tint and that effected the cure. I had to go in and to quite a bit of patching. (does a custom set of teeth ever go smoothly?).

    In order to attach these outer plates to our denture, we will need to create retention groves on both the plate and denture. This shot of of the outer plate.

    Here we are using a lab putty matrix to keep the relationship with the denture and the outer plate. A small mixed batch of acrylic will bond the two pieces togther.

    Here are a couple of veiws from the sides and back. This should connect the dots for anyone that just wants to 'get it' with out of the mouth dentures.

    And here's the finished set.

    I know I left out a lot of details, so feel free to ask and questions. It's a fairly complex process and I will do my best to fill in any blanks that can't be figured from the photos.
    Here's a pic with creature actor Adam Beesley wearing the teeth.

    Dental Distortions
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