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Тема: фотки настоящего Алиена Гигера

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    фотки настоящего Алиена Гигера

    I have been in a Alien kinda mood lately and was wondering what cool pics you guys might have of the final or "in progress" suit sculpt. Giger's design is just phenomical and is just an amazing example of what happens when you hire the right artist for the right job and let him do his thing. I wish more "fine" artists would get used in movie production work. I'm tired of seeing the same design mentality put into all the creature designs for the last 10 or so years. All the artists that want to design for movies were all influenced by the same stuff and it shows.

    One quick question- I found these pics of two different casts of an Alien hand that claim from an original. Any body know the history of these fan acquired hand castings? Are they easily attainable currently?

    Also, here are a handful of cool Alien suit pic that I currently have on my harddrive. Please feel free to post anything you may have in your collections!

    I believe these are from a Japanese exhibit from the 80's-

    Random pics

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    Looks like Alien is bck on the brain so here are a few more pics of the greatest movie creature ever.

    This is the recently auctrioned full suit-

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