Well it's Halloween so two demos are in order here. So I thought a quicky latex mask painting demo would be cool. Yes I know the mask is not totaly symetrical (it was a fast sculpt) and it's to late now it's molded. HA HA. Here is the first pull from the mold, the latex was tinted green for a different progect but I did not realy care.

This is trimmed and put on a A/B foam head to work on.

First scrub your mask down with alcohol to get rid of any coating or powder left on the serface. Dry off the mask and apply a layer of prosaide as a first layer to "grip the latex". When that was dry I painted a dark brown layer of FW inks into the hollows and crevices.

Then useing bone colored pax, I stippled on a few layers, mostly in the high points of the sculpt, but also over the whole face. My sponge has been ripped up to create a kinda' foam stamp, and it doesn't leave sharp edges of the sponge.

Full face paxed.

Useing the colors in the pallete I spattered the mask with various shades of browns, blue, yellows. If you use any stiff bristled brush eg: toothbrush, chip brush, glue brush, dip it in some very thined out makeup ir inks and pull back the bristles and flick it over your mask (or any progect). It will leave little dots randomly on the serface of the mask.

Useing a wedge sponge as before with a little 99% alcohol, I carefully rubbed the high points again to remove most of the spattering, this shows the skull features better. In the photo the right side is cleaned off and the left is how it looked before.

Before sealing it I gave it another light spattering with some of my colors to tie it back in with the rest of the mask. To seal it I used matte acrylic sealer mixed with prosaide, then a layer of just the matte sealer, and acrylic gloss for the teeth. This took about an hour to paint and about five colors. Hope this helps.