So this is my finished sculpt, with two layers of crystal clear and one of dulling spray.

I hotglued him to a board and used Klean Klay to fill in any holes to prevent leaking or plaster to plaster bonding.

I built a wall with hotglue and foamcore, made sure it fitted properly, Vaselined any exposed plaster and board. BE SURE YOU DON"T GET ANY RELEASE ON THE AREAS YOU WILL BE HOTGLUING TO THE BOARD!!!!
Make sure your very well glued to the board as these walls will be retaining a fair bit of weight.

I waited for my glue to set and tested for any weak spots in my wall. Then I estimated the amount of plaster I would need to fill the negative space around my sculpt and mixed up enough hydrocal to fill it in one batch. Again I know Ballsy and lazy. Then using a chipbrush I got into as much detail as I could before filling it up. Carefully shake your mold to bring any air to the surface BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO POP A WALL!

Wait for the plaster to go through it's warm up and cooling cycle then demold.

Because I did this the fast and dirty way I still have this neck hole to deal with in my new mold. I cut some foamcore to fit and pushed clay on the inside to hold in in place and seal any gaps. I mixed up a new thick batch of Hydrocal and spatulated it onto my wall.

When the plaster is set pull out your wall, clean out any leftover bits and fill with latex. I ended up leaving these to dwell for about 4 hours. I like thick masks.

After letting your latex sit and build up the thickness you want, pour it back into your bucket and turn your mold with the opening facing down to let any extra latex drip out. After it sets and stops running you can turn your mold on it's side and use a fan to help it dry.

Here's my first pull and a couple of test paint jobs.