• Чудовища Доминика Квека (Dominic Qwek)

    Подборка работ компьютерного художника Доминика Квека, который придумывает монстров для компьютерных игр.
    My name is Dominic Qwek and I’m a Character Artist who specializes in game art and 3d concept design. I started out my career working as a 3d generalist in post production houses where I dabbled in asset creation, lighting, animation and compositing. A few years later, I made a switch to the games industry where I specialized in 3D character art. Currently, I work at Blizzard Entertainment as a Senior Cinematic Artist. My recent projects include titles such as Killzone 2, Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty and Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm, Diablo 3 and Hearthstone. My work at Blizzard consists of real-time character and environment asset creation, as well as lighting for in-game cinematics. I also enjoy creating digital sculptures for 3d printing and I have a huge passion for designing creatures and monsters.

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