• Грим Ведьмы из желатина

    Made a Witch prosthetic for my daughter's Halloween costume. Made some gelatin for this one based on Matthew Mungle's recipe I got from Todd Debreceni's book. Did a make up test application this past weekend! She's not in costume. Only the appliance.

    Heres an HD video of it too:


    Applying Top Guard to help adhesive stick better and also provide a barrier to reduce sweat getting through to the gelatin. Gelatin melts with moisture.

    applying pros-aid adhesive

    Seating appliance. i started with the nose as an anchor point.

    Gluing edges

    Blending edges with witch hazel. Witch hazel melts gelatin making it possible to hide edges rather well.

    Painting "Flush" Color with Iwata Eclipse Airbrush

    Moving to paasche h airbrush to apply paint by spattering color

    Choosing colors. I only used the palette closest to me. Neill Gorton's Essential alcohol activated palette.

    Unfinished paint

    Couple more images of finished makeup

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