Просмотр полной версии : силиконовый монстр и перчатки

11.06.2012, 17:31
i was commissioned to sculpt an ackbar mask and hands.

the sculpt is done out of waterbased clay. i am going to remove the eyes and make seperate molds for them. i also sculpted a tongue. we are going to try to animate the eyes and the mouth. i will be casting this out of silicone and backing it with foam flex 25. so the eyes lids should work. silicone is really soft. the norm is you sculpt the eyes closed if you are going to do animatronics. daniel valdez will be in charge of the animatronics. worse case is i have to resculpt the eyes, which is not that big of a deal.

here is the pics. almost done, i have to do some clean up work and we will be ready to mold.
here is short vid i made of the sculpt.

ackbar sculpt WIP - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yr5zfDMc53w)


here is the me wearing the head testing it out the inner head band and the paint job is about 80% complete. the head is sitting alittle to high.

stay tuned for the finished paint and eyes....


the eyes are just barely glued in so they are not even or in the exact spot they need to be.


here is what i came up with for the hand sculpt. i have alittle bit of work left on them and they will be completed... these will be molded soon.


and here are the eyes, still need paint and everything but they are pretty and the are crystal clear!!!! these are the accurate size.

hope to have a completed ackbar soon. so stay tuned and thanks for looking!!!!