Просмотр полной версии : Как разогреть большое количество скульптурного пластилина

31.12.2011, 00:05
This is somthing i learned from watching a John Brown sculpting dvd from Gnomon (which i highly reccomend purchasing). What it basicly is, is just a small little oven to heat your clay and make it soft and easier to work with so you can build up faster (which im sure alot of you use already, but this helped alot when i found out about it). So all you really need to build this is:

-Some Duct or Packing tape
-Aluminum Foil
-A Cardboard File Box
-And a Workers or Painters Lamp

So to start out you take a regular file box like so

and just start to line it with the aluminum foil one strip at a time, and make it nice and flat and flush, and when its all nice and flat just tape it down.

And you want to cover the whole inside with foil so it looks like this

Take note you dont want to cover the side handle holes, as these will let just enough heat out to keep the clay at a good temperature (this box didnt initially have the holes on the side, so i just cut them in with an exacto knife)

Then take the lid off the file box, and center the work lamp on top of it, and trace an outline of the lamp

Now cut along the inside of the line you just traced, but not right on the line, cause you want a bit of a lip or ledge for the lamp to sit on

Now line the inside of the lid with a layer of foil

When your all done you should have somthing that looks like this

And so when you are working, you just stick about four cut up blocks of clay in the file box with the lid on, and put the lamp over the hole you cut. Use a 60 watt lightbulb in the lamp as it will get the clay to a good temp.

Let the clay heat up in there for about 20 minutes before using it, and make sure you cut the clay up in some smaller squares before putting it in there, because if you just put a whole solid block in there, its gonna take alot longer to heat up.

So hopefully this helps some people, sorry if its been mentioned or old info, but this just helped alot when i found out about. And there are many other ways you can do this, this is just the easiest cheapest ways i found to do it. So have fun, keep sculptin. http://www.theeffectslab.com/forums/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif

31.12.2011, 00:07
Если непонятно: используется лампочка на 60 ватт в качестве подогревателя.

31.12.2011, 00:29
Чудный "инкубатор". Все гениальное просто! А я в миске на печке электрической грею...

Я бы добавил отверстий в верхней части крышки. На всякий "пожарный" случай.

31.12.2011, 00:37
мне тоже стыдно. я грею в бооольшой кастрюле в духовке :(

16.01.2012, 16:42
а у меня для таких высоких целей приспособлена батарея) а летом на пару

18.01.2012, 21:55
А водяная баня разьве не вариант?

18.01.2012, 22:49
водяная баня дает пар и надо подливать воду. и громоздко всё это.
батарея отопления слишком перегревает до разжижения, равно как и водяная баня.
Световой короб — идеальное решение для поддержания пластилина в рабочем состоянии.