Просмотр полной версии : Сравнительная таблица жесткости по Шору

13.12.2010, 12:37
This simple scale should give you a better idea of various softness.

- Smooth-On Sorta-Clear 40, 40-A shore, very hard silicone. Very slow setting, great for finger prosthesis and props.
- Smooth-On 910, same as Dragon-Skin shore 10-A shore, but slow setting. Great for degassing and pouring.
- Smooth-On Dragon-Skin is a shore 10-A soft streachy. Somewhat fast setting, great for props and encapsulator.
- Smooth-On Echo-Flex 5, 5-A shore, softer streachier. Fast setting, great for props.
- Smooth-On Echo-Flex 0050, 00-50 shore, more softer and streachier. Medium setting, great for gloves and masks.
- Smooth-On Echo-Flex 0030, 00-30 shore, very soft very streachy. Slow setting and easy degassing, great for masks.
- Smooth-On Echo-Flex 0010, 00-10 shore, soft gel like. Slow setting, great for prosthetics.

You can also chance (lower) the shoreness level by adding Smooth-On Slacker.

Here is a visual scale that might help: